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Bumbershoot 2.0: Sunday’s Agenda

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Bumbershoot 2019
Aug. 30 – Sept 1., 2019 @ Seattle Center
Introduction by Matt Ashworth
Sunday Picks by Marcus Shriver and Aarin Wright

Today’s Bumbershoot bears little resemblance to the formative festival experience many of our contributors grew up with. Gone are the days of a diverse lineup that exposed fans to a wide variety of emerging global, national and local artists alongside “bucket list” performances from legendary artists.

In it’s place sits a Bumbershoot 2.0, an event that represents the year’s most commercially-viable artists-of-the-day. It’s a lineup that might as well be created by an AI algorithm based on the latest Pollstar data.

That doesn’t mean Bumbershoot doesn’t have the potential to be glorious: it does. You just have to remember that we’re officially in the era of Bumbershoot 2.0, and one must approach things differently. Think of it as a yearly opportunity to sample the best of what the music industry wants you to spend money on, to check out that one band who’s song you liked 30 seconds of on Tik Tok, and to see what might sound good bumpin’ on a car stereo on Alki next summer. All in one handy weekend. I’ve been to Bumbershoot 2.0 and I can also tell you that they have the food game on point with B-Eats.

Like many of Seattle’s snobby old-timers, I’m not going this year, but that’s OK because music has always been for the young. It sounds like Laser Bowie was cool on Saturday I’m excited to hear Marcus’ and Aarin’s take on the these artists they’re going to check out on Sunday.

Kiana Ledé – Main Stage at 4:30 p.m.

I can’t thank the world enough for putting me on earth with so many talented young R&B singers. Running along the pathway paved by Aaliyah and lovingly expanded most recently by the likes of artists like Tinashe, Normani, and Ella Mai, Kiana Ledé offers a sound and a look that carves her place into this conversation despite having yet to release a full album. Catch her here before she’s burning up the Billboard 100 and headlining the Tacoma Dome. – Marcus Shriver

Pink Sweat$ – Fisher Green Stage at 4:05 p.m.

Listening to Pink Sweat$ feels like listening to the full progression of R&B. With a well-controlled high voice matched with simple, often acoustic, music to back his social media induced heartache, he’ll describe your next breakup before it happens. Pink Sweat$ is someone making huge strides in his genre. With songs like Coke & Henny Pt. 2 that can cut you to the core while referencing everyone’s favorite sad party drink, you’ll start seeing that this might just be the future of R&B. – MS

Gallant at Fisher Green Stage at 5:30 p.m.

A friend recently dropped Gallant’s 2015 single “Weight in Gold” into a shared playlist, and I work hard not to blast it daily. While listening, you’re tempted to throw your entire body weight against the nearest wall with each punctuated downbeat, and Gallant’s outstanding vocals cause shivers. A voice like that cannot be missed live, even if I’m only currently familiar with one song. – Aarin Wright

Clairo – Main Stage at 5:45 p.m.

21-year-old Clairo recently rocketed into the music scene with her Rostam-produced debut record, Immunity. While each track’s lyrics read like a personal diary entry, the production value is enormous and remarkable. I’m interested to see how this, plus her whisper soft vocals and awkward girl-from-the-internet vibes translate to a live performance. You can bet I’ll be belting lead single “Bags” and “Sofia” at the top of my lungs up front. – AW

Bea Miller – Mural Amphitheater at 7:35 p.m.

Colorful and well-edited looks, shouldn’t distract you from Bea’s full and resounding voice. Bea is a perfect fit along your favorite electronic artists bangers, but can certainly make you feel some type of way with her own songs like S.L.U.T.. You’ll notice most of her song titles are all lowercase. If you’re a teen on twitter you’ll understand that this is has a purpose and is a conscience defiance of grammar standards. If you aren’t a teen on Twitter, maybe it’s for the best that you don’t understand everything about Bea, but rather appreciate her art in its existence. – MS

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