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Bumbershoot 2009: More Monday Recommendations from the New Guy w/Dreads

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Bumbershoot Preview
Monday, September 7
By Nick Incorvaia

Franti and Spearhead

Seattle residents: you live here and you aren’t intimately familiar with Michael Franti?

His vibe resonates soundly with our little left coast city. Sometimes political (liberal of course), quasi spiritual, his message is love and peace and healthcare for all… ok not yet on the last one, but maybe…we’ll see on Sunday. Five bucks says he mentions it.

Much like this city we love, Franti’s music is hard to pigeonhole. It’s a little reggae, a little rock, a little hip hop and a whole lot of funky soul. Many folks are lamenting the fact that he is on the main stage instead of an off the path lawn venue as he has been in the past, but he deserves to be rocking the big crowd. The rhythm is sure to get you dancing and smiling and wondering who you haven’t hugged today. Screw H1N1. Is your love enough, or can you love some more?

Vieux Farka Toure

As Ben is to James, Rufus to Louden, and Jacob to Bob, Vieux is to Ali. His dad may have paved the way, but he is certainly adding to the road.

Ali Farka Toure brought us a bluesy slow burn full of wisdom and sorrow and knowledge straight from the red dirt in Mali, and his son’s music echoes those sentiments. Vieux’s groove pays respect to his legendary father yet injects the familiar sound with enough funk and soul to get your ass shaking in a way that is undeniably West African.

Your world will be blessed by the addition of this family’s legacy. Plus, it’s totally hip to listen to music in a different language.

 ((Ed note: This is Nick’s first contribution to He dabbles in video production, djembes and (apparently) hugging random strangers.))

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