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Bumbershoot 2010: Former Canadian Boy Band Star Dances the Mongoose on Sunday

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Kris. P Kreme & Holmes KuhlBumbershoot 2010
Sunday, September 5

I arrived on Sunday not knowing a single act on the bill, mostly because no-one had any Canadian in them. If Alannis, Bryan Adams or even Tom Cochrane had been playing I would have been there in a second, but with no-one from beaver country on board I hoped to find something acceptable to my young mind and palette. 

I looked through my leaflet and found a band with "gravy" in the title.  Since "gravy" means "sweet" in Canadian I went to see Eldridge Gravy and the Court Supreme. They were super. They played choice songs and were totally gravy. 

After lunching in on a meat stick with my mouth I satisfied my stomach munchies and went to see Sweet Water since they had "sweet" in the title. They played some fierce rock and roll and really played their guitars very well and they had a drummer who was slicky good. The vocalist also sang and was almost as good as the Canadian pop band "Heavy Aquatic Mammal", but since he didn’t have a Canadian accent he was just good and not super good.  Me and Kris P. Kreme then mouthed down a sugary treat from a box cart and went to see The Lonely H

They were not lonely as they spelled out in their name.  They had people there to see them and they were people who like to cheer for things.  We cheered along because they were really good. They looked really dressy and had a good time and the music that came out of the speaker boxes made me feel funny and my legs starting going back and forth.  Next thing I know I was dancing the Mongoose with a girl named Pam who said she liked my shorts.  I thanked her and left to see Sista Monica’s "Singin’ in the Spirit". 

She sung in a big spirit and I felt it in my windpipe and frontal lobe. I was so excited I almost yacked. That usually happens when I get all overextended.  I held in my booting and proceeded to have a great time listening to her sing with the choir and band.  I very much enjoyed Sista Monica she is a true performer and was the best thing of the day. 

This woman sings better than we doNext I ran over to see the Redwood Plan and they were all rocking out and I enjoyed them too and then I went to see David Bazan who wore jeans and a black tee shirt and was really depressing, so I drank some coffee and became slightly violent towards a fan. The fan told me to stop singing along if I didn’t know the words and I told him "no you stop singing along if you don’t know the words".  He gave me a look with both his eyes so I pointed at him and said "I am danger and can conjure a fire elemental".  This made him move away so both Kris P. Kreme and myself left, which was OK because I needed to have more food anyway. I got a hotdog with russian dressing, feta and pickle chips.  It tasted like crap. 

On the way out of the park for the day, Kris P. snagged his sweater on a fence and ripped a hole in the back. This really saddened us since the sweater has been in his family for almost five years.  We made a decision to see some comedians before we left. We saw Joe Mande, Chelsea Peretti and Donald Glover they were very funny and made me laugh so hard I made a bubblesqueak. The person next to me didn’t hear, but noticed the fragrant air. I blamed it on Kris P.  We both eventually were escorted out of the facility. The food didn’t not agree with us and in turn the audience didn’t agree with us releasing it. 

It was a good day, though. I loved the music and my shorts were a pleasant conversational piece with many of young ladies. 

Ben Allen on Day 1
Matt Ashworth on Day 3

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