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Bumbershoot 2016: The Year of the #Saxmoji Photo Album

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Bumbershoot 2016
Sept. 2-4 @ Seattle Center 

At Bumbershoot 2016, there were slight changes to the festival that were pretty easy to overlook but made the biggest differences in the world. Attendees of drinking age were awarded with a magical wristband that allowed them to carry drinks throughout the festival grounds. Instead of committing to one beer garden overlooking one stage you could purchase a sweet little bevvy and literally skip throughout Seattle Center. I try to quote Drake and Future as much as possible so let me say this: what a time to be alive.

The vendors were also minimized in such a way that the areas historically known for being congested were suddenly opened-up. Non-food vendors were in one, easy to explore (or avoid) row, which made it way easier to navigate the festival. Also, utilizing Teatro Zinzanni is a fantastic way to prioritize comedy without sacrificing a venue on-site.

Overall, Bumbershoot seems to be hitting an impressive stride in terms of talent programming and daily festival offerings. I’m already looking forward to next year but, for now, I must return to hibernation for the next 362 days. Until then, I’ll have these glorious photos from Casey Brevig, Sanae Kato, Stephanie Dore, Sunny Martini, and Travis Trautt to look back on.


Lots more great Bumbershoot 2016 photos on our Flickr page.

Bumbershoot 2016 Recap: The Year of the #Saxmoji

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