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Capitol Hill Block Party 2018 Day 2 Recap: #Overheard

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Capitol Hill Block Party
July 20-22, 2018
Saturday Recap
Seattle, Wash.
By Andy Perkovich
Photos by Andy Perkovich, Casey Brevig, Eric Tra, Rachel Bennett and Travis Trautt

It’s no secret that I have a love/hate relationship with the Capitol Hill Block Party, as well as with Capitol Hill itself. Sunday through Thursday it’s one of the greatest neighborhoods in Seattle. Friday and Saturday on the other hand, get far too bro-y for my taste. Now, I’m not here to debate on whether or not that’s a good thing, it’s just not the way I’d choose to enjoy my night.

CHBP takes that weekend crowd, puts a fence around it and bombards it with overpriced* drinks and J. Crew-sponsored gels. That being said, I love how some of the best new local bands are given the opportunity to get a little more exposure than they normally would.

Vox Mod. Photo Casey Brevig.

I walked into this year’s fest with an open-mind. I knew that I was going to have to put together a review of the things that I witnessed and wanted to do so with as much impartiality as possible. As I waited in line for a slice of pizza, I decided the best way to do that was to let the Block Party speak for itself. Nobody needs to hear what bands I thought were worthwhile** or not.

So spent the rest of the day eavesdropping on conversations and trying to find the true vibe of the event. You’d be surprised the things that one hears while waiting in line for beer.

Presented below for your enjoyment are conversations I honed in on. Some of these quotes came from bands, others from people in the crowd, and still others from employees or workers within the Block Party footprint.

Mirror Ferrari. Photo Travis Trautt.

“Smoke a bowl, and then damn, PB&J.”

– in line at the 10th Ave entrance

“I’m so spon-fucking-taneous.”

– outside the VIP Lounge

“Look it up, bro.”

– crowd at Barboza

“My thing right now is beads.”

– wandering through the festival grounds

“Smells like a shot.”

– outside Neumos

“That’s my un-ironic face.”

– waiting for Hibou to start

Hibou. Photo Andy Perkovich.

“That band was too weird.”

Cha Cha Lounge

“Rule #1: Never challenge anyone who is wearing gloves.”

– Vera Stage crowd

“Sometimes I just feel like I should have been a bird.”

– walking through the block party

“Check. Check.”

– Cha Cha stage

Swish Blade at the Cha Cha. Photo Andy Perkovich.

“He almost just got laid out.”

– exiting the Cha Cha

“This is definitely when I take it to the next level.”

– in the beer garden

“I dunno, I guess I just don’t get live music.”

– port-o-potty line

“Man-bun fuckin’ failed right there.”

– Cha Cha Lounge

“Hot dogs? Really?”

– walking by hot dog cart

“Are you ok?”

– outside Big Mario’s Pizza

“This is a show about love.”

– Cha Cha

“Where the fuck is the Red bull?”

– Cha Cha

“Cant I just get one kiss?”

– port-o-potty line (seriously)

Spech at the Cha Cha. Photo Eric Tra.

“Siiiick vape.”

– walking through the crowd at the Main Stage

“If you’re going to wear an outfit like that, you better drink it all.”

– walking through crowd at Main Stage

“…and I was like, oh fuck, we’re having coffee together.”

– in the beer garden

Great Grandpa. Photo Rachel Bennett.

“You know I love a good confrontation, I live for that shit.”

– outside The Comet

“I was laying that information down like literally…like orally spoken.”

– leaving the Block Party

“Fuck rapists.”***

* God bless the Cha-Cha for the cheap Tecate.

** Pink Parts was easily the best goddamn thing I saw all day.

*** This one was mine.

Pink Parts. Photo Andy Perkovich.

Me, Eric, Rachel and Travis traversed the festival’s five stages and captured most of the acts in photograph. Below is a taste. See our full CHBP 2018 album on our Flickr page.


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