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Channel Fest: An Indie Record Store Day for Seattle Music

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Channel Fest
Saturday, July 16, 2016 W Fred Wildlife Refuge
By Patrick Galactic

This Saturday, July 16, at the swanky Fred Wildlife Refuge on Capitol Hill, a gathering of Seattle’s many indie record labels will take place. The name for such a momentous occasion? Channel Fest.

A “celebration of local labels as the curators of our myriad local scenes,” Channel Fest is a chance for music fans to meet the people working 60-80 hours a week to release albums that may never be heard otherwise. It’s an opportunity for artists who don’t currently have a label to learn, network and make meaningful connections. You can buy stuff. You can eat stuff. And admission to the “Day” portion (all ages 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.) is free.

Boasting a lineup of more than 30 labels covering hip-hop, garage, psych, EDM, noise, metal, R&B, industrial and a lot of other genres that I didn’t even know existed, Channel Fest is a virtual smorgasbord of “wow.” Many labels will be selling rare, limited-run or out-of-print vinyl/CDs that collectors and completists will be eager to acquire. It’s like an Indie Record Store Day for Seattle-specific music.

In addition to the exhibitor booths, there will be a GIF photo booth, food trucks, a 21+ bar and DJs all day. And this is just the free “Day” portion.

At 8 p.m. Channel Fest transforms into a 21+ after-party featuring performances by Hibou, Gaytheist, Steal Shit Do Drugs (#41for2016) and Roladex that will last late in to the night/morning. It’s not free but it is inexpensive. Tickets are $12 or $20 depending on whether you want a limited-edition tote bag. And who doesn’t want a limited-edition tote bag? If you can’t use it to hold all the stuff you buy, I’m positive it will hold a huge amount of vomit should you need it to. Limited-edition vomit. Think about it.

Channel Fest image - CopySee the full lineup of labels at

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