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Chuck and Bagel Got Drunk, Decided they Like Augustines

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Augustines @ Neumos
February 7, 2014
By Chuck McCammon

I spent last Tuesday evening at an unnamed bar with fellow contributor Derek “Bagel” York discussing the sour elements of the bartender’s choice in music. (I’m talking really bad: Offspring right into Spin Doctors bad.)

Since the drinks were cheap and the place is close to home, we went back on Monday and were pleased to hear more soothing sounds emerging from the overhead speakers.

“This sounds kind of like Pela, but with some age and maturity under their belt” I remark to Bagel.

The same bartender walks up, “veltins and a kolsh?”

“Why yes kind sir. By the way, is this Pela?”

He doesn’t seem to know Pela from a hole in the wall, but tells me the band that’s playing is called Augustines.  I nod my head. Augustines. Beautiful. “I’m writing this down so I remember to check these guys out tomorrow,” I say to Bagel.

The next day I peruse my notes, which say “I start off again;  my dramatic lift off for fledgling advances.  Crazed and hardened, iknow what I like.  Augustines break me down.  I’m young, scratch that, myself full again thankful for such dirty souls can pervade.”

I’m not sure exactly what that all means, but I sure can’t stop listening to this band, which indeed features the nucleus of Brooklyn’s Pela now relocated to Seattle and a bit more grown up.

Their second album, Augustines, was released February 4 and is full of joyful melodies and huge choruses. Even better, they play Neumos on February 7.

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