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Chung Antique “Artesian Swell/Norse Code” Debut and Release Party

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Chung Antique Artesian Swell/Norse Code Release Party
With Dr. Identity // VOG // Medium Weekend
October 1, 2016 @ The Central Saloon
By Graham Isaac

When describing music, the “post” prefix tends to imply a certain seriousness– music that takes the elements of whatever genre and re-arranges them structurally or aesthetically to remove the more boorish or obvious bits. This is great if you are a student of the genre in question or a die-hard audiophile, but can sometimes leave wider swaths of listeners out in the cold.

So while it’s completely accurate to describe local instrumental rockers Chung Antique as post-rock with solid strains of math rock elements (or vice versa on a couple songs) that doesn’t feel like a completely accurate description.

Chung Antique

Chung Antique

Chung Antique meld two of modern underground rock’s more potentially obscure genres with enough of an ear for melody and sense of fun that the songs hit viscerally; Charlie Zallian’s spaced-out guitar lines angle between Mike Bernatovicz’s bass hooks before coming together for a well timed riff. Their new split 7″ finds them in fine form, with “Artesian Swell” alternating between stargazing guitar plucks and some of CA’s heaviest riffs to date, while “Norse Code” works a more direct and relentless groove.

These are songs that work on both immediate and long term levels; over the course of a few listens different portions stuck out. Catch Chung Antique releasing the 7″ this Saturday at the Central Saloon with Portland punks Dr. Identity and Vog opening, and similarly instrumental riff wizards Medium Weekend kicking things off.

Speaking of “Artesian Swell,” here’s an exclusive global total world premiere debut to help you prep for the show.

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