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Classic Nada – Mattrock 1,000

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Mattrock 1,000 continued
By Matt Ashworth

Last week I took you on a guided tour of side one of Mattrock 1,000, the first in a series of mixed tapes I made for my friends and loved ones. Here, for your continued enjoyment, is side two.

Mattrock 1,000 continued
By Matt Ashworth

Last week I took you on a guided tour of side one of Mattrock 1,000, the first in a series of mixed tapes I made for my friends and loved ones. Here, for your continued enjoyment, is side two.

Mattrock 1,000
side two

“Cheapskate” Supergrass

It’s a real shame no one knows about Supergrass, because boy do they kick ass. Or maybe it’s not such a shame, seeing as I know about them, and that’s all that really matters. Anyhow, the ‘Grass can rock you and make you shake your ass, a feat few bands not called the Afghan Whigs are able to accomplish. This song received minimal play on commercial alt-rock radio, and ran a few times on MTV’s 120 minutes.

Album: In it for the Money

“Making Plans for Nigel” XTC

For what it’s worth, my music-savvy uncle claims XTC would have been the best band in the world by the late 1980’s, had Andy Partridge not contracted an ulcer. Well… he did, and my moderate research into this English band’s vast catalogue has only turned up a few great records, some precious singles, and a lot of British art-pop wanking. You decide.

Album: Drums and Wires

“That’s Entertainment” The Jam

While Paul Weller has a spotty career record, (boring solo records, the mediocre Style Council,) most of his work with the Jam was excellent, combining highly political punk rock with solid songwriting. The band’s greatest hits album is well put together, and a good place to start if you’re a Jam virgin. And it contains “That’s Entertainment”, one of my favorite songs ever.

Album: All Mod Cons/Sound Affects

“Discovering Japan” Graham Parker

This is a super-catchy rock song by British rocker Graham Parker. Go buy his album Shooting out Sparks, as it contains ten perfectly composed and organized tracks. (Note to self: Ask Gabe what this song is about, anyway.)

Album: Shooting Out Sparks

“Paranoid Android” Radiohead

Radiohead are this snotty British art-rock band. I’m not sure exactly why I liked their 1998 album OK Computer so much, but I did. This song is like a good short story – lots of plot twists and recurring messages, carrying a clear overall theme. Ok, maybe I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, but this song is cool.

Album: OK Computer

“Over and Done With” Proclaimers

Makes me want to bob my head, then stand up and march, then cry. Brought back to life when it was expertly scored in the 1994 Wes Anderson film, Bottle Rocket.

Album: Sunshine on Leith

“Cruel to be Kind” Nick Lowe

Before being featured on VH1’s Where are they Now: One Hit Wonders, Nick Lowe used to produce a lot of Elvis Costello records, and made some decent pop/rock of his own. This is of course the “one hit,” but hot damn is it one catchy song.

Album: Basher – The Best of Nick Lowe

“Canned Oxygen” The Halo Benders

While most Halo Benders songs are equal parts Doug Martsch, (Treepeople, Built to Spill,) and Calvin Johnson, (Beat Happening, Dub Narcotic Sound System,) this one could fit easily on either of the last two Treepeople albums. Anyone who knows anything about anything knows that that is a good thing.

Album: God Don’t Make no Junk

“Bottle of Smoke” The Pogues

I can’t really make out too many of the words to this, other than “fuck” and “bottle of smoke.” It’s a really good song to dance wildly too while drinking Irish Whiskey, though.

Album: If I Should Fall From Grace with God

“Thank you Friends” Big Star

This song sort of bites, but I’m just a sucker for songs about how much I love my friends. “Sigh. Ohhhh. How sweet.”

Album: Third/Sister Lovers

“Modern World” The Jam

OK, so maybe I went overboard with The Jam on this tape, but trust me, they are a really good band, in moderation.

Album: Snap!

“Sing, Sing, Sing” The Louis Prima Orchestra

I know, you’re thinking, “man this guy is well rounded–some classic Louis Prima mixed in with this collection of pop/rock eccentricities.” You’re right, I’m a huge Prima fan. Have been for years. What sucks is when people who make mixed tapes take choice songs off of soundtracks, to make their musical tastes look broader than they actually are. How shallow.

Album: Soundtrack to the Motion Picture Swing Kids

“Bad Feeling” The John Doe Experience

John Doe starred opposite Exene Cervenka in pioneering LA punk band X. That band’s best work featured the couple trading off on vocals, an effect “Bad Feeling” would benefit from greatly. I bought this ‘cause it was cheap and on a local Olympia label. (And because you’re “supposed” to like X, man.) Turns out the 5-song EP is good, but largely forgettable, just like this song.

Album: The John Doe Experience

“Shrunken Head” Jack Logan

Most of this song actually didn’t fit on the tape. I put it on here because it’s a short song that makes its point quickly. And ‘cause it’s about shrunken heads. That’s some weird, alternative shit, man.

Album: Bulk

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