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“Cold, bleak and glacial,” The Latest Album from Alias

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By Willa Kiernan

Three years after his well-received Fever Dream album dropped, Alias, co-founder of Anticon, the independent and unique avant-garde hip hop label, released his latest album, Pitch Black Prism in June.

Previously, Alias had established himself as an MPC-based producer, but this is his first software-produced album.

It’s a record that would likely appeal to fans of Aphex Twin, which means it isn’t necessarily perfect for a Friday night dance party, but it is nice for listening by yourself in your room late at night while burning incense, or maybe even on your Walkman while aimlessly milling through the forest on a cloudy day.

Alias described the album as “cold, bleak, and glacial.” Words that I thought of while listening to it included “moody” and “ambient.”

Willa Kiernan also writes for Nothern California culture magazine Savage Henry

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