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Cradling the Beast: Austra Live at Neumos

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Austra Live at Neumos
September 14, 2012
By Ashley Colette

The combination of Katie Stelmanis’ classically trained voice and keyboard are hypnotic together. It’s this juxtaposition that puts Austra in an elite class of Indie electronica.

It’s the unpredictability of the Toronto group’s work that keeps audiences mesmerized when the perform live. Quite honestly, they are the only band that cradles the beast that lies within me. Their work consistently delivers above expectations.

The band’s 2011 Capitol Hill Block Party performance, also at Nuemos, was raw and emotionally driven. Friday’s show was much more produced – both to be appreciated. Each time, the venue was full and this time around it was clear their exposure has grown ((demonstrated by the ogre who pushed himself (and his girlfriend) to the front of the crowd trying to reach for Katie’s hand. Good for them but annoying for the rest of us.))

Their outfits merit note as well, as each member stylistically captures what they are experiencing during this phase of their careers. Although, not sure if the individualistic aesthetic is helping or hurting. Quite interesting to see the fashion evolution from their 2011 performance.

One of the openers, Vice Device, was akin to a super dirty underground band. While I appreciate the lead singer, his counterpart reminds me of that awkward phase I went through during middle school. I suppose there is hope for their evolution. Nevertheless, it was a relief when their set was finally over.


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