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Crush Me Up: Julia Jacklin Returns to Seattle 11/21

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Preview: Julia Jacklin Live @ Neumos
November 21, 2019 in Seattle
By Aarin Wright

I’ve yet to see a more perfect album title than Crushing this year. The simple present participle serves as an accurate depiction to the steamroller squeeze the heart undertakes at each of the record’s lyrics, as well as the butterflies felt from Julia Jacklin’s raw and angelic vocals.

The Aussie singer-songwriter’s second LP dropped back in February, but the tracks continue to simmer with each listen. From opener “Body,” a reclamation of self after a less-than-ideal relationship, to “Pressure to Party,” an all too relatable track on re-entering the dating world, Crushing is both a sigh and a scream, and lends itself incredibly well to live performance.

Jacklin returns to Seattle for the third time this year on Thursday, November 21 at Neumos. Whether it’s your first or 50th time catching her set, there are sure to be new emotional daggers to unearth and hair-shaking catharsis to be felt.

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