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Cut Copy’s First DJ Tour to Stop at Q Nightclub

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By Justin R. Jensen

Australia’s most glittering synth-pop ambassadors, Cut Copy, are performing Thursday, July 16 at Q Nightclub in Seattle. It’s their first-ever DJ tour, meaning the full band is staying home while Dan Whitford and Tim Hoey step up to the wheels of steel.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, after an uninspiring trip into psychedelia with 2013’s Free Your Mind, Cut Copy’s back with a new mixtape too: A Forest Through the Trees. As a taste of what’s to come (hopefully), A Forest… marks a welcome return to the “new new wave” of Australian electro-synth-pop that’s reflected on the band’s earlier recordings and most of the other artists on their own Cutters Records label.

Cutters label-mate Knightlife will open the Q set set with bouncy grooves, the ones that are on display in his recently released track “Heavy Down.”

“We’ve always DJed as long as the band has been around, and club culture is an important part of what Cut Copy is about,” Whitford says. “From the Fabric Live series Cut Copy mixed in 2006, to the underground Melbourne dance compilation Oceans Apart that we curated and mixed last year, this has been an important part of our musical makeup. So I guess it’s probably overdue that we’re finally doing proper DJ touring this year.”

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