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Dam-Funk Brings Southern Cali Space Funk to Nectar

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Dam-Funk Show Preview
By Ben Allen 

Having spent years cultivating and perfecting a sound rooted in early-’80s styles like “Electro-Funk,” “Boogie,” and “Modern Soul,” Dam-Funk is rightfully known as Los Angeles’ “Ambassador of Boogie Funk.”

The man’s performances are as varied as his eclectic taste in music. Sometimes he performs his original material solo. Then there are his shows with Master Blazter, a trio that backed him on his recent tours. And when he DJs he intrigues even casual listeners with obscure yet infectiously funky tracks.

As Dam (pronounced ‘Dame’ as in Damon) is not doing interviews until his next album drops in the summer, I spoke with Peter Agoston, his booking agent and close friend. We discussed Dam-Funk’s music, his recent releases and what to expect from a live performance. According to his myspace page, this show at Nectar is going to be a “solo set.” Does that mean he’ll be DJing? What can we expect for this performance?
Peter Agoston: He will be performing original material live using turntables, keyboards and a vocoder. There are some elements of DJing involved as well; basically a mini-DJ set mixed within the live set.

NM: Tell me a little about Dam-Funk LP Toeachhizown. Has the relationship with Stone Throw elevated his level of success?
PA: Essentially a collection of songs from the vast catalog of material he’d been recording, it’s a double album and five CD box-set slash debut album that’s been several years in the making. He started it well before he was signed to the label.

Dam-FunkNM: Do you think the description “Southern Cali space funk” is accurate?
PA: Somewhat. He’d rather it be called “Modern-Funk.” That is essentially the genre he’s carving out on his own.

NM: Why should someone go see this show? What makes a Dam-Funk show unique?
PA: Well, there isn’t really anything like it out there currently. It’s a very raw, soulful/classic rock inspired modern funk experience. It’s also a nice long awaited follow-up show in Seattle to Dam’s full-band (Dam-Funk & Master Blazter) performance at Sasquatch this past summer.

Dam-Funk performs Friday, December 10 at Nectar Lounge with DJ Supreme La Rock, DJ 100Proof and DJ Swervewon. The show, which is hosted by KEXP DJ and Stranger writer Larry Mizell Jr., begins at 8 p.m. Tickets are $12. 21+.

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