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Daniel Rossen’s Lugubrious Echo Headed for Neumos

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Late last year Daniel Rossen, guitarist and vocalist for both Grizzly Bear and Department of Eagles, announced a solo tour, which begins this Saturday night at Neumos.

Fans of Rossen know that the self-described Luddite, whose most recent appearance in the public eye was playing guitar with Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold on Late Night, has never ventured forth on his own solo tour. For anyone new to Rossen’s work: If “lugubrious echo” was a genre, Rossen would be considered at the forefront, opting for old-fashioned poise over elaborate fanfare.

Given his exceptional catalog – including a fantastic solo EP, Silent Hour/Golden Mile, which serves as an unfiltered glimpse of his formidable skills as a songwriter and guitarist – concertgoers can expect solo tunes, Grizzly Bear hits, and the ultra-rare Department of Eagles tracks. Maybe even a Jojo or Elvis cover if we’re lucky.

Rossen’s tour is receiving support from the similarly established, William Tyler, a member of both Lambchop and Silver Jews. His latest, a thirteen-minute track called “Whole New Dude”, is a mellow jaunt into indie-folk wilderness, and acts as a sampler for what to expect from his performance while on tour.

Daniel Rossen and William Tyler will perform at Neumos on Saturday, March 22.

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