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Review: Davido Live @ The Showbox

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Davido @ The Neptune Theatre
March 2, 2019 in Seattle
By Camille Nibungco

To the untrained ear, Afrobeats may seem like a raucously complex and frenetic compilation of uptempo tracks and glossy synths. But underneath it all lies the same themes that pervade similar hip-swaying genres like reggaeton and R&B– the emotional highs and lows of romantic love.

Davido, an American-born Nigerian artist, acted as our roller coaster operator of romance through his music on this ordinary Monday night at the Neptune Theatre.

Right from the get go, Davido made himself right at home on stage, barreling right out of the backstage with a crew of hype-men as the live band matched his intensity. The night had barely started and the crowd was already awestruck.

From the pit to the balcony, everyone was moving their feet as he opened up with his hits “If” and “Assurance.” Although the audio from his mic was too subdued to even hear his vocals, the audience didn’t seem to mind and was more into enjoying the energy of his performance and music.

Throughout the night, couples were found everywhere grinding on each other, appreciating the oral narratives of Davido’s danceable tunes. At one point, Davido called out a much older couple on the balcony, congratulating their presumed long-lasting love as the crowd cheered them on.

As the show came to a close, Davido, already drenched in sweat and pure bliss from jumping around the stage and performing non-stop, had the pit open a giant catwalk for people in the audience and eventually himself to dance through the crowd and interact; literally touching people through his music. Granting us temporary escapism to our panic-induced city, Davido reminded us to let loose, put on the rose-colored lens, and not forget the romance.

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