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Decibel Festival Preview: Sphongle Presents & Shlohmo

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Decibel Festival
September 26-30
Seattle, Washington
By Jeff Wilson 

Yesterday I started counting down the five acts I’m most excited to see at this year’s Decibel Festival, which starts September 26 and runs through September 30 at various venues around Seattle.

Here are numbers three and four on my list.

5. Kimbra
Read my Kimbra preview from yesterday.

4. Shpongle Presents The Masquerade (Thursday and Friday at The Neptune)
I don’t know if I should be recommending this or not, but if you’ve seen or heard about Shpongle, you know it’s going to be interesting. People equate it to tripping on acid. Others say you should be on drugs to properly experience the British group’s psychedelic show, which incorporates sounds from across the globe. Either way, this expiremental downtempo/psybient sound might give anyone the heebeegeebees, regardless of their mental state.


3. Shlohmo (Thursday at Neumos)
Only 21 and already garnering descriptors like “talented,” “superstar” and “amazing,” Shlohmo has quietly made a name for himself in the electronic scene. His music is rooted in hip hop, but don’t expect it to sound like Kanye. This L.A. producer adds found sounds like dripping water and white noise to create a gritty texture to his compositions. Check him out at Neumos on Thursday and you might leave feeling a little dirty.


I’ll post my top two picks tomorrow night.

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