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Die geister beschwören: Perfect for a Relaxing Eucalyptus Bath

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Die geister beschwören
Those Who Came Before 
By Leah Brzezinski  

Die geister beschwören, Oryan Peterson-Jones’ (of Portland’s Datura Blues) fascinating solo project, is an oddball showcase of multi-instrumental experimental folk pieces interspersed with ambient moans and field recordings. The twelve exploratory tracks highlight multiple ethnic influences and rhythms, particularly fadó, flamenco and gypsy, melded with traditional melodic structures and natural sounds.

“Some Become Birds” features trippy whistles, layers of woodwinds and strings, and some gorgeous sitar parts that pierce like sun glaring off a building, whereas I want to belly dance Bond-girl-style to the ominous “Donner Pass”. My favorite track is the ten-minute “Casa Cometa”, a field recording of chirping songbirds interspersed with gentle guitars, buzzy synth, and looped guttural chanting. I’d totally take a relaxing eucalyptus bath to it on repeat.

Those Who Came Before is surprisingly soothing and meditative after a few listens, but still weird enough to keep your ear at work. – (7/10)

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