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Don’t Fear the Bumber: Monotonix too Dangerous for OneReel

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Bumbershoot Blog 2008
Day 3: Monday, September 1
By Matt Brown 

The best thing about Bumbershoot this year?

All twelve minutes or so of Monotonix‘s set.

In the same spot where I saw Soundgarden for the first time exactly twenty years before, Monotonix made it through almost four songs before the BumberPowers That Be pulled the BumberPlug on the festival’s one true rock n’ roll performance. Those three and a half songs made my treasured memories of Soundgarden ’88 look limp and contrived.

Monotonix Bumbershoot 2008 drummer surfing

Monotonix Bumbershoot 2008 Yonatan

Monotonix Bumbershoot 2008 trash can

Yonatan Gat Monotonix 2 Bumbershoot 2008 on

Yonatan Gat Monotonix Bumbershoot 2008 on

Your favorite band sucks. Come see mine at the Comet on September 27. I’ll be leaving all extraneous items at home, dressing lightly and investing in a spare pair of glasses.

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