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Don’t Fear the Bumber: Nada Booking Guru Turns Blogger on Day 2

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Bumbershoot Blog 2008
Day 2: Sunday, August 31

Hello Friends,

In classic KOZ Moreawesomer style, here is a short diatribe about Sunday’s experiences at Bumbershoot 2008. I won’t bore you with excerpts about how the 16 and under crowd doesn’t understand/follow concert etiquette (say excuse me and buy your own damn cigarettes), or complain about how long the lines for the bathroom were (hey chumps at the Honey Bucket, the indoor bathrooms NEVER have lines).

They have a big H

They have a big H

Nope… here you will find only band rants, raves, and reviews. I saw as many bands as time would allow, stayed for at least half a set, and rambled onto the next audible extravaganza. I now present: Bumbershoot 2008 in 3-5 Sentences…

I arrived at EMP’s Sky Church to hear The Lonely H say thanks for coming to Bumbershoot and leave the stage. They seem nice.

You know the final scene in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark where everyone’s face starts melting? That was me after the Shackeltons. Hailing from Chambersburg, PA (near Gettysburg) and in the second week of a six week tour, this passionate, high-energy group rocked a stage adorned with flowers and greenery collected from local shrubberies. With their up-beat rhythms and socially conscious lyrics, the Shackeltons are a fantastic find for local label Loveless Records, and are definitely a band to keep your eyes on and ears tuned to. Any band that rolls around the stage is OK in my book.

The Blakes

The Blakes

I love me a good three piece rock band, so I couldn’t resist peeking in on these local darlings. has promoted several Blakes shows over the years, and it’s really nice to see them becoming such a grand success. I would best describe them as sounding like spinning ‘60s Brit-pop records while dancing in a mud pit. They rrrrrock and you should definitely check them out when they are back in town (September 19th w/ the Toadies at the Showbox).

With songs like “Country My Ass” and “Whiskey or God,” Dale Watson is a great find for any “Outlaw” Country/Americana aficionado. His vocals are reminiscent of the late-great Jonny Cash; he even managed to record his most recent album, From the Cradle to the Grave, at Johnny’s old Tennessee Mountain hideaway. Dale and his band embody your basic good ole, head boppin’, foot stompin’, hand clappin’, Texas country music. A great and unexpected find.

My second trio of the day rocks a post-punk/pop sound. Drawing obvious influences from the Buzzcocks and Elvis Costello, Speaker Speaker were loud, they were fast, and their 2 minute up-beat slams with woeful (yet playful) lyrics were just what I needed to break up my day. Speaker Speaker is the kind of band you listen to because you are sad or pissed off, but you come out on the other side in happy and ready to kick the world’s ass.


The Saturday Knights

A “rap” group with a full band is still relatively rare, especially in Seattle, so it’s doubly great that the Saturday Knights are giving the Northwest’s burgeoning hip-hop scene some national recognition. Tilson & Barfly hit the mics hard and get the crowd movin’, and cuts like”45″ and “Foreign Affair” are perfect outdoor head-bobbin’ jams.

The Black Keys brought the sweet sounds of the south to a crowd of 10,000 in Memorial Stadium…and they’re from Ohio! Dan’s vocals and Patrick’s drumming on hits like “Strange Times” and “Got Mine” are prime examples of how a simple, classic sound can still absolutely blow your mind. Who would have thought an atmospheric soul rock duo would come from the cultural Mecca that is Akron?

This was my first time seeing Stone Temple Pilots, and they did not disappoint. Despite starting almost 20 minutes late, Scott Weiland was on fire, hitting all his notes and ignoring the obviously placed teleprompter through the entire set. As the band played through their catalog of chart topping hits to a “sing-along” crowd, they looked like they were genuinely having fun being on stage together again. A great ending to a great day of freaks, geeks, and music.

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