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Doctor Foxmeat: Gives Minimal F*CKs

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Dr. Foxmeat
The Hand of Doctor Foxmeat Paints a Monochromatic Rainbow
By Leah Brzezinski

I’m not sure where Humboldt County’s Dr. Foxmeat studied medicine, but he certainly operates on a unique musical level. His first EP, subtly titled The Hand of Doctor Foxmeat Paints a Monochromatic Rainbow,  can be described as something between techno and industrial, rife with drum machines, danceable electronic beats, and audio clips.  The good Doctor’s echoey tenor vocals range from sweet and melodious on catchy tracks like “Friends to Know” and “Neanderthal” to dark and eerie on “Placentapede,” which has become my new favorite mythical creature.

Reportedly known for his eccentric dress, giant beard, and his love of homemade lip balms and delicious baked goods, Dr. Foxmeat has doubtless crafted an unmistakable brand and a style all his own, and he’s living proof that one should live life giving minimal fucks what anyone else thinks. – (7/10)

A version of Leah’s review also appeared in Savage Henry, a music and culture magazine in Northern California.

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