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Eleven Minutes w/o Gravity: Portland’s Datura Blues

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Datura Blues
Damn These Shackles of Gravity
By Leah Bresinski 

This multi-instrumental post-rock EP showcases obvious versatility and fascination with creating complex, evocative

Side One, the more experimental of this brief-but-dense recording, begins with a bass/snare “sunrise” and bursts of driving, ominous organ. Funky basslines pulsate against blurry guitars, organ reverb, and horn flourishes. The finale lapses into an eerie cacophony of drums/bells/horns/wails.

An intermittent heartbeat and fuzzy sirens whir to a crescendo in the introduction to Side Two. Harmonica and sustained, synthed-up vocals seem to grow tendrils of brass, tambourine, and strings, intensifying into my favorite jam section on the album.

The final moments are sparse, windy…a “cool down” of sorts for the spent listener.

Datura Blues

Portland’s Datura Blues does more with eleven minutes than some bands do with an hour, though I’d certainly like to hear what they’d do with more time.

Datura Blues play the Comet Tavern, Thursday, March 10 with Hypatia Lake, Midday Veil and Wah Wah Exit Wound.  

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