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Feral Future: Will Make You Believe in Punk Again

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Feral Future, July 16 @ Hollow Earth Radio (2018 E Union St.). 

Hey Seattle—are you tired of punk rock that dresses the part but lets you down in the flavor department? Tired of that empty feeling that comes with lip service to punk affectations but doesn’t have anything to say? Fear not, Austin’s Feral Future will make you believe in punk again, arriving July 16 @ Hollow Earth Radio.

A charmingly apoplectic Roman Candle exploding against injustice and shitty music, the sheer sonic force and powerful narratives of Feral Future will make you believe in punk and the written word again.

A fierce flyer of the LGBT flag in their native Austin, the songs are fierce, vulnerable, unapologetically honest and inescapably laden with needling guitar hooks, driven home by a crushing rhythm section and the stage presence of a singer narrating and raging from a ledge, railing against inequality, intolerance and ignorance.

This is ferocity, honesty and complexity woven together in short yarns, expertly told and satisfyingly jolting.

You will walk away shaken by a glimpse into the abyss offered by the gravity of singer Relle Sonnenschein. Feral Future will destroy you, and you will ask for seconds.

PT profiled Feral Future in his #SXSWSixpack series. Photo by Steven Michael Ruud.  

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