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Fox And The Law Restore Frida’s Faith in Rock ‘n Roll

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Fox And The Law with Terminal Fuzz Terror, Kingdom of the Holy Son, Brent Amaker and The Young Evils
Saturday, July 11 @ Neumos in Seattle, Washington
By Frida Ray

Saturday nights on Capitol Hill have changed considerably in recent years at such a dramatic level that it stirs feelings of nostalgia in those of us fortunate enough to remember Seattle’s not so distant past.

The past of my reckoning is full of sound. That sound was raw, exciting and genuine and accompanied by an abundance of excellent hair.

I have been a fan of Fox And The Law for quite some time. Until the night of July 11, I had yet to see them live; it seemed something was forever in the way of getting to one of their shows. I’d begun hearing some buzz about their new album, The Trouble With People, and I was determined to clear my schedule and get to Neumos.

The night began with Terminal Fuzz Terror, a band I was unfamiliar with. I arrived mid-way though their set and was instantly drawn in by their delicious stoner drone. Their Bandcamp tags include the words, “apocalyptic fuzz” and I couldn’t agree more. I could have kicked back in a chair and listened for hours. Maybe it’s time for Neumos to invest in some bean bag chairs and old Barca Lounger’s. Just a thought.


Neumos will probably want to get the kind with built in drink holders though

Kingdom of the Holy Sun took the stage next and absolutely transformed the venue with their gorgeous visuals and retro sound. I have seen many a show from these denizens of local psyche rock. Tonight, the venue sound was more than exceptional and the band fell into a groove that was mesmerizing. I fell down the rabbit hole, dreaming of bean bags and lounge chairs once more.

The Young Evils brought us all back to the light with their infectious pop melodies and phenomenal stage presence. No bean bags required. The crowd was ready to dip and sway. Mackenzie Mercer absolutely owns the stage. Troy Nelson has begun juggling more instruments than I previously thought possible and he does it all without skipping a beat… maracas, guitar, and keys, smiling and harmonizing all the while. The Evils just keep getting better and better. They are undeniably my favorite Seattle pop band.

Brent Amaker, a Seattle institution himself, introduced our headliner and announced that they have the best album in the world. The crowd cheered and Mr. Amaker sauntered off stage. That was quite an endorsement. I was ready.

When Fox and the Law took the stage, their beautiful album cover, an image of skeletons with glowing pink eyes, casting off their shrouds in a graveyard was projected behind them.

The band wasted no time in bringing the excitement at Neumos to full tilt. From the time of the first guitar chord to the last, no energy was lost. F&TL are often compared to everything from The Stooges to The Strokes. I’ll give them that sure, but there is something deeper within the music that satisfies my nostalgia that is beyond the typical comparisons.

Fox And The Law are a powerfully executed, genuine rock band. There is no bullshit to be had – just good, honest, old fashioned rock and roll. I would never accuse Fox and the Law of being a “hair band,” but they do have an abundance of amazing, unpretentious curls flipping about that made the experience all the more authentic.

Outside the venue, hordes of twenty-something suburban transplants were clogging sidewalks, performing their drunken mating rituals, unaware that the ghost of Seattle past was alive and well within the sanctuary of Neumos. These throngs had no idea that we were in a temple, performing our own ritual. Band and audience, conjuring the rebirth of Seattle rock; shrugging off the shroud of rapid development, ushering in a celebration of the genuine. I couldn’t have been happier. Maybe Neumos also needs church pews for the devoted audiophile.

Okay Mr. Amaker, The Trouble With People is a damn fine album. Not a bad track to be found. I left Neumo’s with my faith in local rock & roll restored.

Fox And The Law play Bumbershoot over Labor Day weekend. 

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