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Georgetown Music Fest Provides Best Look at New Local Bands This Summer

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Georgetown Musicfest
June 25-26, 2010

The Georgetown Music Fest (GTMF), now in its fifth year, has an increasingly important role in Seattle’s outdoor summer festival circuit.

While no one’s complaining that the once-neighborhoodly Capitol Hill Block Party has evolved in to a massive three-day affair boasting the same caliber of hip national acts as Sasquatch! and Bumbershoot, this change means fewer up-and-coming local bands get their chance at an outdoor audition on the big stage this summer.

GTMF has done just that for the past four years, having given us early looks at bands like The Lonely Forest, Tiny Vipers, Hockey and Cancer Rising.

The event – now a partnership with Seattle Weekly’s Artopia – is free and open to all ages. It takes place June 25 and 26 behind the Jules Mae Saloon and features one of the only opportunities for local music fans to catch a bunch of local bands poised for the region’s bigger festivals in coming years. Here’s who’s on the roster.

Skeletons with Flesh on Them
Dark Time Sunshine
Black Whales
Brother From Another
Concours D’Elegance
Fatal Lucciano
Finn Riggins
Lady Friend
Pink Snowflakes
Tea Cozies
The Pica Beats
The Way We Were in 89
This is Air Canada
Suntonio Bandanaz
Thunder Buffalo
Gran Rapids
Victor Shade

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