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Getting Savage with Savages

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Savages – Silence Yourself 
By Aino Vaino

There’s a reason to be excited about Savages.

They are a band following in a clear tradition (Joy Division, Sonic Youth, Siouxsie & The Banshees).

But they do it well and in their own way.

The London-based quartet held their first show in January 2012. For all their influences Savages also break with many of the stereotypes and morals associated with scenes such as riot grrrl and exist in a space of less clear definition. tried to interview the band last week in London, but apparently they had better things to do, such as being on tour in Germany.

Despite this, we’re still praising  Silence Yourself, the band’s first full-length album, which was released in May 2013. The loud woody bass guitar work of Ayse Hassan drives a lot of the music while Gemma Thompson’s guitar flows around it all, wrapping it up and raining down like lightning.

There’s that particular kind of snotty British punkiness and range to the vocals of Jehnny Beth. Fay Milton is relentless on drums.

The music is everything you’d want from a post-punk band. It’s all so fast and aggressive that you get the impression that seeing these girls live would be an event to survive rather than merely experience.

There’s some real pain behind this music, along with an aggressive unwillingness not to compromise. The edgy music is looking for a fight. They condemn unmercifully and then come back around to land a solid punch.

Here’s some lyrics:

Marshal Dear

I hope you’re breathing your last breath
Oh Marshal Dear
And you will die, you will die soon
I give you a quarter of an hour
Oh Marshal Dear
Can’t you see I’m winning

She Will

She will forget her name
She will come back again
Get hooked on loving hard
Forcing the slut out

High point? “I Am Here.” Why? Listen to the song. We couldn’t stop. Also, Husbands and Shut Up.

Low point? “City’s Full.” Why? The song’s been done a lot before by other bands and musically doesn’t fit in with the strength of the other songs. – (8/10)

One thought on “Getting Savage with Savages

  1. ashmatty says:

    This review prompted me to give this album a second chance but to no avail. It’s well done and they have done a great job with their sound, but sounding like Joy Division and Siouxsie can also be dangerous if you don’t have the songs to match. And I’m not excited about any of their songs.

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