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Guitar, Bass, Drums. Nada Mucho’s Blue Moon Special

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Guitar, bass and drums. NadaMucho’s debut showcase at the venerable Blue Moon (located on the western fringes of Seattle’s University District) promises you the best of that simple formula on Saturday, September 22… a menagea trois of local power trios, each one a headlining band in their own right – with NO COVER CHARGE.

  • Mos Generator, celebrating the September 25th release of their latest album for Small Stone Records, Songs For Future Gods.
  • Madraso, gearing up to tear the Tractor Taven to shreds for Seattle Weekly’s Reverb
  • Iceage Cobra, fresh from their jaw-dropping Bumbershoot performance and returning triumphantly to the venue they first played two years ago, almost to the day.

Matt Brown asked a representative from each band a series of hard hitting and ultimately worthless questions, interspersing their responses with some song requests from a few of their
fans. Enjoy… State your name for the record, please. First, middle and last, if applicable.

Mos Generator: Tony Reed (vocals, guitar)Mos Generator on Nada Mucho











Madraso: Christopher Lee Jager (drums)Madraso on Nada Mucho

Iceage Cobra: Jordan Michael West (guitar, vocals)Ice Age Cobra on Nada Mucho

NM: Name the first three power trios that pop into your head.

Tony: Rush, Blue Cheer, Grand Funk

Jager: Shellac, Nirvana, the Rye Wolves

Jords: Cream, Motorhead, Rush

NM: Three favorite venues to play, outside of Washington State.

Tony: 710 Club (Austin), Dive Bar (Las Vegas) and Bottom of the Hill (San Francisco)

Jager: The Bluebird Theater, The Ogdon Theater, The Lion’s Lair

Jords: Some dude’s kitchen in Denton TX, Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff and Tonic Lounge in Portland

NM: Which three songs would you most like to hear Mos Generator play on September 22?

Golden Pig Electric
Blues Band

(Eric) I’d choose “On the Eve” and “You Bring the Wine, I’ll Bring the Weather”. As for a cover, for some reason I keep coming back to Elton John’s “Benny and the Jets”.

NM: Three bands you’ve shared a bill with recently, local or otherwise.

Tony: 3 Inches of Blood, Blue Cheer, Clutch

Jager: With A Bullet, The Ruby Doe, Facepilot

Jords: The Lonely H, The Whore Moans & The Valley

NM: Three Northwest bands you’ve never played with, but would – especially if it were a Saturday night show at the venue of your choice and you got to choose what time you played and someone bought you dinner beforehand. Surprise me.

Tony: Hellbound For Glory, Slave Traitor, LICT

Jager: Akimbo, These Arms Are Snakes, Thrones

Jords: If I was given a steak dinner I’d want to play with Madraso, Police Teeth and The Ruby Doe. We’ve already played with Mos Generator or else they’d be included too. If I was given something soy based for dinner I’d probably play with The Fast Takers from Portland.

NM: Three deceased historical figures you’d gladly fistfight if they came back from the dead.

Tony: Stevie Ray Vaughan

Jager: Jesus Christ, Blinky the Clown (I hate fucking clowns), Buffalo Bill

Jords: I would beat the crap out of Elvis! The “king of rock” NEVER WROTE A SONG IN HIS LIFE! Eve (from Genesis), if she never ate that apple we’d all still be naked and loving life. Also I think Hitler has
it coming.

NM: Which three songs would you most like to hear Madraso play on September 22nd?

Juhu Beach (Jason): The first song they played the other night at The Funhouse. It’s new so I don’t know the name but they’ll know–it’s the one that starts out with Jeremy using a bit of delay–the song is really slow and really fucking heavy. “Code for Contra.’ For a cover I would die happy if they did “In My Head” by Black Flag. I bet they could do a heavy as all fuck, total weirdo cover of that Vapors song “I’m Turning Japanese” too.

NM: Three favorite Saturday morning cartoons from the decade you “grew up” in.

Tony: Rocket Robin Hood, Laff-a-Lympics, Hong Kong Phooey

Jager: Muppet Babies, G.I. Joe, Care Bears

Jords: Ninja Turtles, Duck Tales and Animaniacs

NM:  Three other bands you’ve been a member of (or onstage with as a guest.)

Tony: Treepeople, Goodbye Harry, Twelve Thirty Dreamtime

Jager: I don’t remember… lick it, split it, hit it!!!

Jords: Sleeping Machine, Desperation Takes The Wheel and Now Serving

NM: Three songs you’d put on a mix CD if you were going to bring me one at my birthday party at the Blue Moon on Saturday, November 17, not that I would expect such a kind gift… merely your presence if it’s convenient for you to attend.

Tony: Black Sabbath “Killing Yourself to Live, Led Zeppelin “No Quarter”(live), Thin Lizzy “Don’t Believe a Word.”

Jager: “Show me your Pussy” by the Lords of Acid, “Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones” and “When I think about you I Touch Myself by ???

Jords: Seemon & Mariske “Vegetable Stew”, Call Me Lightning “Soft Skeletons”, The Slats “Exit The Green Gable”.

NM: Which three songs would you most like to hear Iceage Cobra play on September 22?

Vindaloo (Ben): I’m gonna have to go with:

1 Money…..(money, money)

2) That new one where Brad screams his brains out….and then there’s that instrumental
hammer of the gods part that just frickin rules….

aaaand let’s say…..hmmm cover tune, cover tune…..


3) “Dirty Diana” by Michael Jackson!

The thought of Jords and Brad and Mitch screaming “Dirty Diana!…oh no!” with as much gusto as humanly possible gives me chills. Chills I tells yas!

Thee Emergency (Dita): I would like to hear “Skeletons”, “Hurricane Shake” and Destiny’s Child, “Bug a Boo”.

NM: Three pieces of advice you’d give a band about to embark on their first US tour.

Tony: 1. remember…lord loves a workin’ man 2. never trust whitey 3. see a doctor and get rid of it

Jager: never been on a full U.S. tour, but. bring headphones (to ignore band mates), headache med’s (to deal with band mates), and foot powder (to deal with band mates ah..lil problems)

Jords: Forget the words Hotel and Motel. Send posters to he venues in advance and get all the free food you can.

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