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Husky & Hannah Georgas: Worth Rooting For

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Husky & Hannah Georgas
Sunday, October 28 @ The Tractor Tavern
By Derek York

Fans of Indie music’s acoustic side will feel right at home with the soft melodies put forth by Australian group Husky.

I was introduced to Sub Pop’s newest import over the summer while “Tidal Wave”, the first track on their debut album Forever So, enjoyed some good airplay on KEXP, but this is my first chance to catch them live, and the Tractor will house their sound perfectly. Husky’s rich mix of sound is arranged around airy, storytelling vocals, to create songs that you find yourself rooting for.

I hear shades of Gomez, Grant Lee Buffalo, even Decemberists in their music, with Beach Boys inspired harmonies and even an Edie Brickell style break down for good measure, but their sound is still recognizable as their own.

Meanwhile, I was a little disappointed that my first introduction to Hannah Georgas was through a Wal-Mart ad. I’m sure the ad paid for some tanks of gas, and I’m not above earning a tank of gas, so I listened to more of her songs on her website and genuinely liked what she’s doing. She has a great voice and catchy tunes that have a drive to them.

I have high hopes for both bands’ live shows, as this has the makings of a great way to spend a Sunday night in Ballard.


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