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#ICYMI: Loch Lomond Celebrate New Album

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Loch Lomond Live @ The Triple Door
August 31, 2016
By Tyson Lynn

For over a decade, Ritchie Young has delicately threaded his filigree voice through songs fanciful and expansive. Under the name Loch Lomond —sometimes solo, and often with an ever-evolving ensemble— Young has released five albums. It is for this newest, Pens on Paper, that a full ensemble appeared at the Triple Door earlier this fall to celebrate its release.

Featuring a trumpet player, a backing singer, two keyboardists, a drum machine, a drummer, guitarist, bassist, and Young himself, Loch Lomond presented the new album unstinting, layering intense beauty as often as they paused in unadorned hush. Soaring vocals and playful guitars stood arm in arm with quantized snares and xylophones. It is also worth noting that the band features two married couples, one of which was celebrating their 14th anniversary that night; there is something both simple and magical about pledging yourself to an ideal and committing.

It is what Loch Lomond has long been doing. Their new album is testament. Listen to their new single below and find yourself satiated and elevated.

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