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Jet City Fix: Play To Kill

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The Jet City Fix – Play To Kill
King Bee/Infect Records
By Sonja Oliver

There’s nothing better than watching a band with obvious chemistry and intense love for performing their music in front of a willing crowd. Such was the case at The Jet City Fix‘s August 28 show at the Crocodile Cafe, also showcasing Chinatown, Post Stardom Depression and The Black Halos. If you didn’t make it to the Thursday night free show, you really missed out on something special.

The Jet City Fix features five high-energy members, including three guitarists. That’s right. Three guitars. Lead singer Shane Flauding commands center stage as their frontman, eloquently and energetically screaming, shaking, grinding and rock star posing. Not that the other members let their presence be forgotten; brothers Ty and Justin McDonald, John Wokas and drummer Dana Sims lend their incredible talent to the indelicate recipe of rock, pop and punk their music is created of.

Those who came to see Post Stardom Depression and arrived a bit early to secure their alcoholic drinks and spots in front of the stage were treated to the frenzy of loud music and sometimes mournful lyrics that makes up The Jet City Fix, who took the stage prior to PSD. As the lesser-known band, The Jet City Fix made a lot of new fans and followers that night. Those who were smart enough purchased themselves a copy of the band’s debut album, Play To Kill, which includes their catchy songs like “Drowning,” “The Life” and “Sick of Drugs.” 

By the time Post Stardom Depression had finished their set, I didn’t even have enough energy to stick around for the Black Halos, who finished out the night at the Croc. My head was still spinning from my mind being blown by The Jet City Fix. As my fellow contributors of NadaMucho like to say, they rocked my panties off. All I have to say is thank you, boys.

The Jet City Fix

The Jet City Fix




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