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Jon Auer & the Posies Get Straight to Marika’s Teenage Heart

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The Posies Live @ The Crocodile April 14, 2010
Plus Q&A w/Jon Auer!
By Marika Malaea

People at The Posies show last Saturday ranged from “crazy fans” to “serious fans” to “super-uber fans.” Discussions on the significance of Frosting On The Beater and Amazing Disgrace gave away the average age range, and a smattering of hipster kids and young retirees peppered the rest of the sold-out crowd.

Unveiling new work and playing Frosting On The Beater in its entirety, the band seamlessly weaved together two distinct sounds.

They launched hard into the first set and quickly demonstrated that their new work is edgier, more driven. They seem to have a new intensity; a faster engine with less of a need for brakes.

Most noticeable were the tempo changes, smart and sometimes surprising. Most comforting were the harmonies, delivered to my teenage heart straight from the nineties. Their songs have really evolved without losing what’s great about their sound.

The band is now in the studio in Spain. Guitarist, vocalist and co-founder Jon Auer was gracious enough to answer a few questions. How have The Posies managed to stay relevant in an ever-changing music scene?
Jon Auer: By remaining true to who we are and what we create, never being satisfied with ourselves for too long, accepting challenges. We like to believe the best is still to come.

NM: What was the biggest influence when writing the new album?
JA: The fact that we’re still here, doing what we do long after many have thrown in the towel. I like working with The Posies when it feels right, when it feels necessary. We all have other musical outlets, but when we choose to do what we do, we give it our all.

NM: Which new song is your favorite and why?
JA: At the moment it vacillates between a song of mine called “The Glitter Prize” and a song of Ken’s called “For The Ashes”. “For The Ashes” is almost fugue-like, with evocative lyrics. “The Glitter Prize” comes off as familiar and fresh at the same time. It has serious groove.

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