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Live: Autograf Preserve the DIY Electronic Ethos @ The Crocodile

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Autograf @ The Crocodile  
Feb. 8, 2020 in Seattle
By Camille Nibungco

It’s the year 2020 and Elon Musk dropped his own viral Soundcloud song, symbolically marking the end of the DIY ethos for electronic music. However, Autograf’s show at the Crocodile in Seattle on Feb. 8 changed my perspective and offered a glimmer of hope for the genre.

Originally a DIY art project formed in Chicago, Autograf rose from the ashes of peak Calvin Harris-esque EDM in 2015. According to, the duo had been stuck in a creative rut due to personal struggles and their newest release, Love and Retrograde EP, channels this new life chapter in their project. At first listen, it lies a little too close to the accessible Majestic Casual label sound that took off on Youtube a few years back, but when performed live, it conveys itself as a tropical future themed housewarming party for adults, filled with wood-paneled booths, salt lamps, and leafy green plants all around. 

The duo opted for playing their set with actual drum kit and synthesizers, electrifying the room with a rhythmic energy that had the crowd’s hands and feet in a trance-like state. Autograf’s emphasis on “creation for creation’s sake” trickles down into the even the tiniest pieces of their set design, from the island fantasy visuals to the wood crates and plant aestheticism.

Beyond the shimmery, uplifting electro-house that transformed the audience into children at a bounce house, they brought out an accompanying vocalist, Phe, who uplifted the performance to another level. Their fan-service is rewarded though, playing banger after banger without a lull in the entire set.

Their “Leave Your Autograf” tour across America is continuing on until the end of April and I highly recommend you catch them if you can.

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