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Live This Weekend: Bridgers + Baker with Dacus

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Julien Baker + Phoebe Bridgers w/ Lucy Dacus
Nov. 24, 2018
The Moore Theatre, Seattle
By Eric Tra 

Indie rockers Phoebe Bridgers (pictured above) and Julien Baker are set to take the stage this weekend at Seattle’s historic Moore Theatre in a co-headlining performance. 

Prior to the massively popular super-group release of the self-titled boygenius EP have been busy paving their way into the spotlight with their own brand of heartfelt rock. 

One of Phoebe Bridgers’ most notable performances in Seattle was in support of Seattle’s Noah Gundersen at the Neptune Theatre. During that performance, Bridgers showcased a number of songs off her latest album Stranger in the Alps—a collection of songs that seamlessly weaves sadness with small elements of wry humor. The humor takes some digging, but listen closely and fans can hear it in songs like “Demi Moore” where Bridgers’ alludes to the act of sexting guised potentially as a long about being alone. The album also features songs like the wonderfully upbeat yet sad tunes of “Motion Sickness” and the beautifully dreary sounds of “You Missed My Heart.” 

Like Bridgers, Julien Baker’s sounds remind us of stories that also echo themes of longing and loneliness. Her most recent album Turn Out the Lights is a seemingly beautiful examination on depression. It’s undoubtedly sad, yes, but there is something to be said about Baker’s ability to turn the melancholy into a beautiful soundscape of emotion. 

Though Bridgers’ publicist was careful to note that this isn’t an official Boygenius show, Saturday’s performance will also feature the third member of that project, Virginia-based artist Lucy Dacus, as the opener… so I wouldn’t be surprised if the trio spent at least a short time on stage performing some of that material.

Unlike the modestly backed headliners, if Dacus’ opening performance sound is anything like her latest album release, Historian, fans can expect a delightful set featuring a full band sound with strong pop rock riffs and exciting crescendos.

In an age of music that rewards the next big thing it’s easy to overlook the artists and music that reminds us to feel human again. It’s this kind of music that connects us by the common threads of simple and pure heartfelt emotion. This is one performance that is sure to bring some warmth back into the cold air of Seattle’s fall season. 

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