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Local Review: Visceral Candy Featuring Tim Stiles

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Visceral Candy Featuring Tim Stiles
By Adam Jacobs

Remember when hip-hop was fun? The kind that isn’t centered mon money, drugs, and crime? Seattle area MC Tim Stiles sure does.

Here he collaborates with local maestros Seth Swift and Ian Hernandez of Visceral Candy (#41for2016) and the result is a refreshingly fun musical experience full of dope rhymes, catchy hooks, and beats made to blow your speakers.

Crank the bass, crack a brew, light the spliff and enjoy some genuine hip-hop. Stiles’ voice is familiar and new at the same time while Visceral pushes forward their unique beats. The stand out track is ‘You’re the Best,” which is a hilarious remake of the Karate Kid song.

This isn’t that garbage new mumble rap that is ruining music, kids. These dudes are making real beats, lyrics, and vibes with funky flavor. – (7/10)

This review also appeared in Northern California publication Savage Henry.

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