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Longwave: The Strangest Things

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Longwave –  The Strangest Things
RCA Records
By Michael Lewis, newguy

The Strangest Things is an album by a band with no identity. Longwave switches between aping The Strokes (“Pool Song,” “Cant Feel A Thing”), and poorly, to copping bits of Britpop (everything else on the album). It’s as if a producer threw ingredients from every successful rock recipe of the last few years into a pot, stirred it once, and committed it to tape.

The resulting lack of consistency undermines the entire project, as Longwave shows they aren’t talented or versatile enough to pull off such a hodgepodge. They would benefit from figuring out what their best qualities are and sticking with those.

Having never heard the band’s other releases on independent labels, I can’t definitively say that the schizophrenia is the product of an overbearing label or a band with no power to make their own decisions, but I have to wonder whether The Strangest Things is marked by Longwave’s switch to behemoth RCA Records.

The album contains moments of goodness, most notably “Everywhere You Turn,” which recalls Joy Division and Bauhaus, but without their overblown emotion (a good thing here). Unfortunately, there aren’t any standouts either. Other than “Everywhere”, the closest is probably “All Sewn Up.” Everything else is haunted by a lyrical emptiness, making The Strangest Things feel like it just slides along safely until the last track: “Daysleeper.” It’s the best song on the album, but even at their finest, Longwave still lack any real punch. File this under forgettable. (4/10)

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