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Louder Than Love: Trip Like Animals Debut Impresses

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Trip Like Animals – Trip Like Animals
Self-Released (2007)
By P.W. Richardson

Let me just come right out and say it: I like Trip Like Animals. After seeing the band perform at a NadaMucho New Music Monday in January, I promptly bought the CD. I expect great things from this band. This is the stuff that only the gods can foresee and to which the rest of us mortals can only bear witness. If this band can own the stage (as they seem capable) and go the distance, we’ll all be watching them on SNL someday – cheering from our couches saying “I saw them when!”

Let’s get to the CD. It is a good demo/EP. I like it. Not nearly as great as seeing the band live, but the recording reveals the core of what the band is doing: interesting and effective stream-of-conscience lyrics over a solid back drop from the power trio (atmospheric, unfocused vocals over humbucked strats through Orange amps.) The potential is intriguing. Bassist Jerome Dimanlig (displaying a sound aesthetic always reaching for the lowest note) immediately impresses. Guitarist/singer Mike Molner and drummer Joe Molner are brothers and seem to have that chemistry that only kin can share.

TLA aim and attack for a sound louder-than-love, laying down some tremendously free form riffing and noodling in the process. The results are both daring and cut-throat – like Led Zeppelin and Camper Van Beethoven in a duel to the end. Adding to that soundscape are occasionally soaring guitar melodies, candy coated with a hint of reverb. The tracks are skillfully constructed with direction and coherence – a rare find when it comes to jam bands. I dig it. This is more like a painting than a pop record. There isn’t any coloring inside the lines and you won’t see any street signs. You’ll have to listen to find out how it hits you. Believe me – it will. – (8/10)

Trip Like Animals play The Vortex in scenic Mukilteo, Washington on March 22 and West Seattle’s Skylark Café on April 11.

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