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m b v: More Hyperbolic Praise for My Bloody Valentine

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My Bloody Valentine
m b v
By Astro De Rosa 

It’s been twenty-two years. We could have conceived, raised, and legally intoxicated an adult between 1991’s  Loveless and this year’s m b v. But the third My Bloody Valentine album is finally here, and thanks to Kevin Shields’ psychopathic, perfectionist tendencies it is amazing.

Infamously known as the loudest band of all time, m b v is a true landmark experience in sound healing. m b v is full of soft buzzing tremolo/distortion over layers of lush guitar lines alongside gorgeous hymns uttered with a somber indifference.

It’s a strange record, beautiful and hypnotic, nauseating and stimulating.  Shields used an all-analog recording process, meaning no computers were used in the editing of the album. A a result, if feels like every color of noise ranges through the compositions’ sonic trajectory and the result is stunning, unadulterated bliss.

For the uninitiated, I encourage you to check out m b v and then go back through the band’s history. Seeing them live was one of the most profound experiences of my entire life.

In short, I kind of think they should change their name to “My Bloody best band ever in the history of the universe.” – (10/10)

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