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Macefield Music Festival Announces 2016 Lineup

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Holy smokes, kids… somehow we slept on the Macefield Music Festival announcement late last month.

Macefield, now in it’s fourth year, is an independently run music event that takes place each fall in various venues in Ballard. It’s a great mix of national, regional, and local talent performing in small and mid-sized spaces over three days for a mere $45.

As always, the lineup features a bunch of our favorites (Fly Moon Royalty, Wimps) alongside unfamiliar names we’re excited to check out (Bali Girls, Miss Lonely Hearts, Stallion) and the now-customary Seattle music reunion act. Last year it was Sage, this year it’s Hazel…two bands we loved in their 90s heydays.

Even more exciting is that eight of the acts on our list of 41 Seattle Bands We’re Watching in 2016 will perform: Briana Marella, Mommy Long Legs, Wild Powwers, Maszer, Boyfriends, Evening Bell, DoNormaal, and Aeon Fux.

Macefield 2016 Lineup   

Zola Jesus, Psychic TV, Reigning Sound, Fly Moon Royalty, Hazel (Reunion), Selene Vigil (from 7 Year Bitch) Bryan John Appleby, Erik Blood, Grynch, Industrial Revelation, Sandrider, Wimps, Lesbian, Gazebos, Shelby Earl, Briana Marella, Banditos, Mommy Long Legs, The Absolute Monarchs, Wild Powwers, Maszer, Boyfriends, Dust Moth, Heavy Hearts, Denver, Evening Bell, Jenny Don’t & The Spurs, Jaime Wyatt, Miss Lonely Hearts, DoNormaal, Aeon Fux, VHS, Charms, Bali Girls, Merso, Yada Yada Blues Band, Nail Polish, Sir Coyler & His Asthmatic Band, Stallion, World Bank, Sashay, Mirrorgloss, FIRES, Mindie Lind, Thee Sgt. Major 3, Will Moore, Hotel Vignette, Long Dark Moon, Danny Newcomb & The Sugarmakers, Pastor Kaleb & The Witness.

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