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March to Now: Mudhoney Documentary Premieres Friday

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I’m Now
Friday, June 8 @ The Triple Door
Directed by Ryan Short & Adam Pease
By Matt Ashworth

My first moment as a wannabe rock journalist came in approximately 1990 when I interviewed Mudhoney guitarist Steve Turner for Yakima Teen Magazine. Consummate music nerds even at a young age, my friends and I were turned on to Sub Pop very early on by the hip guys at Off The Record, a surprisingly fantastic independent record store where I would later work myself.

We bought anything and everything with the Sub Pop label on it, but Mudhoney were always my favorite. Their unique recipe of fuzzy guitars, self-depricating humor and Stooge-y punk energy connected with every musical pleasure center in my brain. Heck, I probably even had pictures of the guys on my Trapper Keeper my senior year in high school alongside fellow heroes like Sonic Youth and The Pixies.

Mudhoney never enjoyed the international superstardom of their flannel-clad peers in Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, but they have churned out quality records consistently for a quarter century. I’ve seen them play at least twenty-five times over their career too, and every show was great.

As a final testament to the band’s relevance, their genre-defining single “Touch Me I’m Sick” remains one of my favorite rock and roll songs ever. It’s perfect.

All of this is to say that Mudhoney’s music stands the test of time and that their story is worth telling. So god bless filmmakers Ryan Short and Adam Pease for putting together I’m Now, a documentary film set to debut tomorrow night at the Triple Door in Seattle.

Press materials for the screening say that I’m Now “tells the story of Mudhoney from their very beginnings, to following them on their recent world tour and everything in between. Complete with testimonials from friends, music industry veterans, and musicians such as Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard & Jeff Ament, Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore & Kim Gordon, Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil, and Mudhoney themselves.”

That all sounds good, though I’m hopnig we get a healthy dose of live footage as well. I’m half expecting to see early Nada contributors Sean “The Snizz” Oliver or Joe Vallejos making an appearance somewhere, likely double fisting their beers and shouting the chorus to “In & Out of Grace.”


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