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Metaforce: Rain City Blooze

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Metaforce – Rain City Blooze
By Greg Lehman

If you were making a mix cd any song on Metaforce’s Rain City Blooze could easily hold up next to 2 Live Crew’s S&M or Eazy E’s “Fat Girl.” Not only is this material offensive, the beats old school and the sound bytes far from legal it captures something that has been missing from rap today, humor.

The song that instantly got my attention was “the darkside of the force”. Holy hell! Metaforce had the balls to largely sample Star Wars and flow over the top of it “Obi Wan produced my solo album… stole the advance money and spent it all on valium”. Believe me Thunderball and Quest don’t give a shit.

With help from Space (on Stepmom Fox), Fat Lip (whatugonna do) & Bitches with Sticks (writer’s block) Metaforce take aim at everyone and hit their mark. “White Trash” starts out with the lyric “The girl might be white trash if she works at Jack In The Box on the night shift got a 2Pac tattoo on her tit.” Another stand-out from the album, “Stepmom Fox” paints an incredible picture that Fountains of Wayne were way too pussy to do…”Spreading cream cheese and lox on a bagel in the kitchen wearing t-shirt and socks she winks at me and flashes her box she’s my Step Mom Fox.”

Metaforce www.nadamucho.comThe surprising stoner genius on Rain City Blooze whether it’s lyrics, beats or samples rewinds itself every listen. Invite the cd into your house if you’re playing strip quarters with your friend’s mom or gaming on-line and talking shit. It works on so many levels. A must listen. – (8/10)


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