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Minnesota Magic: Low Live

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Low Live @ The Crocodile
Saturday, April 7, 2013  
By P.T. Stinson 

It’s impossible to say “slowcore” without saying “Low”, so leave your earplugs at home and head to the Crocodile tonight for some low key Minnesota magic.

Promoting their new, Jeff Tweedy produced Sub Pop full-length The Invisible Way, expect songs that are slightly more upbeat, though still sparely arranged. Ten albums in, the usual, plangent melodies are in evidence, as is the delicate vocal interplay we’ve grown to love between Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker. This time however, Parker’s voice is more to the fore, giving the record a slightly softer, more hopeful feel.

Don’t hold your breath for eyebrow singeing pyrotechnics, settle down for some simple arrangements that translate surprisingly well into an engaging live show.


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