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MØ, LPX Bring Dance Party to Showbox SoDo

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MØ and LPX @ The Showbox SoDo
January 29, 2019 in Seattle
Words and Photos by Eric Tra

dazzled Seattle at the end of January with a spectacular performance at the Showbox SoDo. The Danish artist, well known for her electronic pop style, is back on the road supporting her latest album Forever Neverland.  

It’s been roughly four years since the 30 year-old performer’s last full-length, No Mythologies to Follow, but MØ (also known as, Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted Andersen) kept eager fans’ desire for new songs at bay with her 2017 EP When I Was Young. The wait for the full length was worth it; Forever Neverland is a fantastic sophomore effort studded with pop hits. The accompanying live show was electric.

The evening opened with an incredible performance by LPX, a project of Lizzy Plapinger (of New York-based American pop duo MS MR). Plapinger’s powerful vocals, coupled with her amazing stage presence, set the tone of the night and had the entire audience grooving to every song.


Taking the stage in a black, extra wide brimmed hat, MØ opened her set with the dreamy intro song on Forever Neverland, “Purple Like the Summer Rain.” In true MØ fashion, the show quickly evolved into a venue-wide dance party punctuated with hits such as “I Want You” and well-known jam “Kamikaze .”

Midway through her set, MØ surprised the audience by diving into the crowd and dancing her way to a small stage at the back of the venue. Here, she gave fans the chance to get up close and person. A few lucky attendees even got a handshake.

Toward the end of the set, MØ made a point to explain that she’d been working on her piano skills, slowing things down with a soulful performance of “West Hollywood.”

The set concluded with the (aptly named) track “Final Song.” At this point, MØ once again, dove into the sea of fans and crowd surfed her way through the last bars of the song. Keep an eye out for this tour, it’s definitely one show you won’t want to miss.

Check out some highlights in the gallery below then head over to our full Flickr photo album of Eric’s pictures from this show.

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