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Photo Set: Monsterwatch Leads Travis to Shame @ Chop Suey

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Shame and Monsterwatch Live @ Barboza
February 20, 2018
Words and Photos by Travis Trautt

I’d heard a couple of songs from heralded UK band Shame and was intrigued, so when I heard they were playing Chop Suey with support from Seattle’s great Monsterwatch (#41for2017). I had to get myself out on a Tuesday night.

We typically wear our love of local bands proudly on our collective sleeves, so let me tell you that I went primarily to see Monsterwatch. The three-piece always puts on a great performance.

If more Seattle-ites had taken the approach of letting good support acts introduce them to new headliners, they would have gotten to see Shame’s wild live energy. The singer started with a jacket on, on stage. By the end of the band’s raw, post-punk set he was shirtless and standing on the crowd.

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  1. Mitch says:

    It took 6 weeks to come up with those 3 paragraphs that reviewed virtually nothing? Sheesh…

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