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More Grooves & Hooks than Dangerous Catch: The New Surrealized EP

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Surrealized EP
By Greg Lehman

Surrealized have more grooves and hooks than an entire season of Dangerous Catch. Their self-titled EP reconstructs five of the best tracks from their passionate, brilliant live show. Every song is truly a highlight, but “God Man Machine” and “Hesitate” best showcase what this duo do best – slick electro-rock dance music. If you like Calvin Harris, Above & Beyond and even New Order, you will enjoy what you hear here.

When I listen to these recordings it takes me back to what I’ve witnessed on stage; a smart joke that drew you in; Rob’s orchestral knob turning; Kimo’s vocal range and instrumental bravado without coming across as a multi-instrumental egomaniac. Everything stated has a purpose, every instrument has a part and the audience has a role within their Surrealized world… and it’s a damn beautiful thing. – (8/10)

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