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Interview: Dirty Dirty

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Q&A with Ian Forrester
By Matt Ashworth

I know, I know… you’re sick of two person rock bands with a drummer and a guitarist. But hear me out on Dirty Dirty.

The reason you’re sick of hearing about two person garage rock bands is that no one’s tried to tweak the formula in a while. We’ve had an overabundance of really good two piece bands with that blues-punk-garage sound – the one that made Black Keys and White Stripes rich – both locally and nationally, but, as tasty as that is, you’re tired of it.

Dirty Dirty seem to have a new twist: in addition to adding elements of metal and post punk to the garage rock mix, they’re a two person bass guitar and drum band that can play. Really play. Like, they can play so well that they’re likely to impress prog and metal fans without alienating normal joes like me who appreciate a good song more than a band’s technical acumen.

The group released their debut EP last year and I’m hoping they make good on its potential in 2015. In preparation for their January 9 show opening for Pony Time at VERA Project, I chatted with guitarist Ian Forrester.

Ian from Dirty Dirty on Nada Mucho by Sydney Root

Dirty Dirty @ Barboza. Photo by Sydney Root. Why are you so dirty?
Ian Forrester: I’ve been dirty my whole life: dirty thoughts, unwashed clothes and hair, dirty sounding guitars. When we were writing our first songs last year Drew (Ever So Android) asked us what they sounded like. I responded in reference to the tone of the instruments… “It’s dirty, man.” A couple weeks later he suggested the name and it stuck.

NM: You released your first EP in 2015. How has the reception been?
IF: Slow and steady but very positive. (Producer) Reed Griffin really captured the voice of our instruments. It’s the first time I’ve released anything in my four years of performing with bands in Seattle, so it’s been functioning as more as a business card than a piece of work.

NM: Your drummer and co-founder Ian Harper left the band in September. Who’s playing drums these days?
IF:  Mark Knowles, formerly of Nostalgist, who’s an idea man and a well-trained drummer. As you would expect, as 50 percent of the band he’s bringing a lot to the table that is changing and giving meaning to the drumming and overall sound of the band.

NM: Are you guys writing new songs together? Do you have plans for a full album? 
IF: I’m excited to start writing together, but right now we are still getting to know each other really well, which can be tough at first. Learning the old tunes is a great way to gel and since there’s only two of us we really have to explore all our tricks and figure out when to use them to create dynamics and feel. We’ll probably release another EP in 2016.

Dirty Dirty perform at the VERA Project January 9 with Loco Motive, Asterhouse and Pony Time. Lead photo Shane Williams aka “Thee Lord Fotog.” 

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