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New Beach House: Like Doing Drugs & Dozing by a Waterfall

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Beach House
Sub Pop Records  

By Leah Brezinski 

Remember that scene in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure when Rufus shows the guys the future and everything’s perfect and peaceful and there’s this crazy music in a weird temple?

Okay, that wasn’t Beach House, it was “Wyld Stalyns,” but it should have been. Because that’s what I imagine when I hear this Baltimore duo’s sumptuous fourth album.

Bloom’s overall effect is gauzy, summery and lavish, reminiscent of 80s synth-pop but still progressive and thoroughly absorbing. The male/female vocals sound as though you’re hearing them from the inside of a womb—echoey, remote, but wise and comforting, with lush, parental harmonies. Ever-present drum machine beats offset the eerie drone effects of the synth/organ, throbbing, bass lines and wavy guitar.

My favorite track is “Lazuli”, making me feel as though I’m dozing near a waterfall. I bet it’d be great to do some drugs and hear these guys live—outdoors.

Sobriety and an iPod work too though. (9/10)

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