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New Guided By Voices Album: Among Their Best

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Guided by Voices
Let’s Go Eat The Factory
Guided by Voices Inc. Records
By Jensen Rufe 

Let’s Go Eat The Factory is the first studio album from Guided by Voices’ “classic lineup” in fifteen years.

The record contains twenty-one completely different low-fi gems that twist and turn and morph and distort and expand and contract in greatly-varying soundscapes, much like band leader Robert Pollard’s haphazard collage art.

The opener, “Laundry And Lasers,” is an instant raise-your-beer-in-the-air classic, whereas Tobin Sprout’s schizophrenic “Spiderfighter” takes such a profound direction-change in the middle of the tune that it may be the most memorable moment on the album.

Clearly, “The Unsinkable Fats Domino” is the radio-friendly “hit,” sounding exactly like the Kim Deal-produced Guided By Voices of the mid-90s. And the prog-rock closer, “We Won’t Apologize For The Human Race” has Gabriel-era Genesis written all over it.

There are a few boners on the album (i.e. “The Big Hat And Toy Show”), but overall, Let’s Go Eat The Factory is an epic comeback that will be regarded as one of Guided By Voices’ greatest triumphs. – (8/10)


Read Jensen’s interview with Guided by Voices’ guitarist Mitch Mitchell. about Let’s Go Eat the Factory and the future of the band.  

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