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New Sera Cahoone: Your 2012 Shame Spiral Soundtrack

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Sera Cahoone
Deer Creek Canyon
Sup Pop Records
By Leah Brezinski 

Depressed? Lonely? Screw up your latest relationship beyond all recognition? Well, Deer Creek Canyon is perfect soundtrack for your shame spiral and subsequent descrendo in to a drunken stupor.

Sparingly, smartly beset by steel guitar sobs, brushed snares, and pretty little banjo solos, Sera Cahoone’s mournful, foggy alto fills the vast-seeming space of her latest Sub Pop release with lovelorn lyrics and allows for its own emptiness to creep in its absence.

This Seattle singer/songwriter instinctively knows her strength lies in bittersweet, slow heartbreak ballads like “One to Blame” and “Here With Me” and she doesn’t stray far from the formula, despite a few mid-tempo departures like “Nervous Wreck” and the radio-friendly two-stepper “Every Little Word.” Meanwhile, “Rumpshaker” is nothing of the sort, but rather a harmonica-ridden memoir.

Cahoone may not be the coping mechanism of choice for everyone, but if misery loves company, I’d certainly writhe in agony with this one. – (8/10)


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