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No Cities to Love: A Tale of Two Corins

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Sleater-Kinney: No Cities to Love
By Corin Balkovek

When a band releases an album after a long hiatus, there are generally two (unfortunate) ways it can go: either they try to recreate their original sound and seem outdated, or they try to create something new and lose their identity. So when I heard that Sleater-Kinney (my all-time favorite band as a 90s suburban teen*) had a new album, I was damn nervous.

But, guys? It’s good. So, so, good. From the first track, it’s clear that the band is right where they should be. The original elements are still there, but with years of experience under their belt. These aren’t songs sung by a band trying to sound like or appeal to 20 year-olds; these are songs by grown-ass women and I for one am damn glad they’re back.

No joke: I first read about them in Rolling Stone and bought their CD at Circuit City because the lead singer’s name was the same as mine. It doesn’t get more suburban or 90s than that. – (9/10)

Corin’s review also appeared in Northern California culture magazine Savage Henry

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