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Nolan Garret Celebrates EP Release @ The Crocodile

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Nolan Garrett Seattle CD Release Party
Including Dirty Dirty, Greet The Sea & Scarlet Parke
January 29, 2016 @ The Crocodile
Words by Gary Horn; Photos by Shane Williams (a.k.a. “Thee Lord Fotog”)

Inside the Crocodile on a cold and windy Friday night is a great place to be. On Jan. 29 the bill included Scarlet Parke, Greet The Sea, Dirty Dirty and Nolan Garrett, all hailing from the Pacific Northwest and celebrating Nolan’s second EP release, Brick Lanes.

Scarlet Parke started the night off with a sultry, jazzy performance that was heavily influenced by Adele. Greet The Sea soon followed up with a polished, tight set of melodic Indie rock songs that provided plenty of variety and energy. The main floor was well-filled; the all-ages corral even more so.

Dirty Dirty @ The Crocodile by Lord Photog

Dirty Dirty

Dirty Dirty is one of the most interesting bands in Seattle. Their brand of post-punk fusion is unique and refreshing, and their songs absolutely kill. When the duo took the stage, it felt like they were the headliner. Ian Forrester (vocals & guitar) and Mark Knowles (drums) were supported by a large and vocal crew of supporters.

Poorly angled lighting made it difficult to see the band or take photos, but that didn’t seem to bother fans. After a few songs, the bouncing crowd turned into a mosh pit, creating an unexpected and entertaining side show. Forrester’s vocals are raw and powerful while Knowles’ drumming skips and wanders enough to keep you on your toes. This is a “must see” band.

Nolan Garret @ The Crocodile by Lord Photog 2

Nolan Garret

Nolan Garrett is a young and very talented vocalist and guitarist with energy to spare. His songs are filled with heavy blues chords and musical hooks worthy of mainstream radio. He sings with a lot of muscle and adeptly occupies all of the stage, at times having the most exciting tantrum you can imagine. I really like Garrett’s original work so I was a little disappointed to hear him cover Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out”, a crowd-pleaser played nightly in bars everywhere. Surprisingly, this is what the crowd wanted, proven by the loudest applause of the night. Go figure.

(Check out more photos from Thee Lord Photog on his website.) 

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